Searching the photo archive may start from ARTWORKS or PHOTOGRAPHS. At any moment you may shift from artwork entries to the respective photographs, and vice versa.

In the first search string (Free Search) you may enter one or more terms to seek in all fields on the entry.

Please, note that all data in the catalog are in Italian. Search terms must be entered in this language.

To restrict the search to certain nuclei of the Photo Archive, select the Thematic section you want from the second string of the drop down menu. If you select "Still Life", an appropriate searchfield will open up, geared to searching by objects represented in the paintings.

The next search strings let you conduct specific searches on blocs of fields to do with the works' core information: Author, Subject, Object, Date, Location in the case of artworks (plus Objects in the painting for Still Life); Photograph, Title, Photographic Technique, Date and Author of Work Photographed in the case of photographs.

By clicking on OTHER FIELDS you gain access to searchfield that are more specific to research on artworks and photographs, which you can use in combination.

Search by strings is aided by a self-completing system which prompts with values found in the database.


The results obtained by a search may be viewed in two modes:

In both modes the results obtained may later be re-arranged by selecting one of the criteria proposed from Sort by in the drop down menu.

The Results shown menu enables you to vary the quantity of results viewable on one page up to a maximum of 100, for either list or gallery mode.

In list mode the Filter system in the right-hand column lets you gradually narrow down the search results.


The entries show all the fields compiled by the cataloguers.
Underlined contents also comprise links to all entries with the same values or to entries describing other kinds of document (photos, artworks, catalogues, attached documents).

Inside each entry, clicking on the icon (top right or down below) you can:

 Send an email to the Zeri Foundation to update information about the artwork / photograph

 Send an e-mail to ask the Zeri Foundation for a reproduction of an image

 Return to the search form

 Return to the previous search

  Go to the previous or subsequent entry

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